A Few Random Things

Alright, so apparantly my sister has hurt the joints of her hand because of working too much, because my mother currently has issues with her knee. Being the compassionate brother/son than I am, I am helping them out tomorrow for an hour, which means.... 3 to 4 hours of train driving in total. I better go shopping in Berlin while I am at it, so maybe I visit the Alexa as well.

But, that much is something spontaneaous, and I also got a few other things going on. The first being, I have currently pondered about the factors of death and rebirth a lot lately. And that in itself basically can result in five million different ideas. One being that it would be cool to have a rouge-like game, where whenever you die, you are reborn with a new character (with some boni depending on the previous runs). You could really do a lot with that, like stat improvements, having certain NPCs have different paths to them, unlock more races to choose from (either by forming alliances with them, or maybe by starting a chain of events to create some sort of hybrids like half-orcs in DnD). A similar concept exists with Rogue Legacy, where whenever you die one of your descendents gets to take your place, and where you constantly unlock new stuff from more HP to playing as a half-dragon (unfortunately only wings are added). But, I would like to see the concept done with rebirth or reincarnation (preferably both), as you would play the same character but in many different ways.

This concept also might be for a character I have in mind. It would be a sort of hobby occultist (as in someone who summons spirits or more blatantly demons) with a really eccentric personality. And by that I mean probably what your average INTJ would be like towards the xNFP and xSFx population. Fitting to his theme, I would say to give him a tendency to smile creepily and have it be because he is just a very optimistic personality, but everyone is freaked out by his gaze. For a species, I would go either with a lynx aristocrat (who got nothing, thanks to revolutions) or a hyena worker (who probably earns more by doing illegal stuff).

And apart from that, I am currently not doing much except preparing for two upcoming exams. I should be fine, I suppose.
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Well, Christmas Shopping and More

Alright, so it is December now and Christmas is approaching. Meaning I have to get presents for people and household my money to not risk that, if I don't get enough money back I fall below my comfortzone. So far it has been made easier by having a 10€ present for two people and a discounter nearby where I buy food for 5€ to 7€ a day.

Anyway, I have been have seen Far Cry Primal now and am pretty much tempted to play it. The reasons being the animal taming with inclusion of badgers, which most likely would be normal badgers, if we go by chronological order, but might actually be some prehistoric genus, depending on the developers. Not sure, if they size them up so they resemble a Bruckee, but I find that to be neat. In addition you get to have bears, wolves, several species of cats, hyenas, and even birds on your command and to pet. Since Far Cry is likely set in the same world as Assassin's Creed, I do hope they keep to historical almost-accuracy. I can tell that they are going for Mesolithic humans in this case, which means the homo neanderthalensis. As long as they do not have any wheels, metals, or agrarculture, it should be accurate.
The only issue is that UPlay will be needed to play and I hate installing software that is just not well programmed at all. A big issue with Ubisoft games on PC actually. Ugh, finally a game where I can have a badger pet, and then it has to be Ubisoft.
Edit: Well, after a lot of searching I found out that badgers are pretty much are an older form that still has a somewhat marten-like and small bodyform compared to the small and pudgy modern ones. And they seem to be more defensive than aggresive, so that is good I think.

I have been getting much further with the writting projects I am doing now. Though, I have not yet started on Fallow Silver 3, I have had a blast with Fatal Radiance. Which is apparent as I have now finished 9 chapters and am world building whenever I can, with the ninth chapter still in need for spell checking. But, I also got to make a lot of nice things in Fallout 4 by now:

First off, Cope's Gun, a little tribute to Thagirion's character Cope and the gun I used when I was playing him in New Vegas,

Then we get something I made today, Owen's Kitchenknife. This thing literally is a Kebab knife and still was named Dönermesser when I had the game set in German, so here it is. Also, I got a sniper riffle and called it Nightcrawler, because it has a marking scope:

And here we have dogmeat's crouching pose: He looks pretty cute, actually.

And here is Pryden after I had some fun with Liberty Prime:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
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Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November.... two weeks later.

Alrighty, tomorrow I am off to Berlin to visit my mother and sister, right when Fallout 4 is still relevant. I have played the game for 36 hours according to steam and still am not finished. Considering the average length of an FPS is 6 hours, I would say it is good value, especially as I don't really need a stupid multiplayer (why do people demand that for a Bethesda game, which are always designed to be single player experiences?). And so far, it has been one hell of a ride. I finally unlocked the cryogun, which frankly is pretty awesome despite its stats not matching up with my Plasma gun, which I called Cope's Gun after modding it to its full potential. I also love the food items being rather suitable for healing, since I can cook the meat I got to something edible and non-radiated, while I enjoy my Nuka Cola. Which certainly is fun, as you find considerably much of the Cherry and Quantum editions. Of which I safe up the quantum, because they are considerably the best healing item safe for a Stimpack at full perks. Even though it does add a bit of radiation, it is pretty low for a glowing soda.

Ah, and I also found out that diamonds are actually worthless and only expensive in retail, but have little value otherwise (still enough for a good restaurant, but hardly enough to justify the pricetag of some jewelry). However, Mined Blue Diamond is still rare and valuable, so no plausibility error for Nathanael's big bank account. Thank goodness, else I would have to make up something in a perfectly planned system.
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Cool Badger Dream

So, finally something to tell about from the dreamworld. I dreamt last night that I was somewhere in a forest area, considering the street conditions and tree types in Middle Europe during late November as the trees were already empty of leaves. I was actually dreaming of how I was watching a badger playing around and even cuddled a little bit with it. The nice thing about that particular badger was that it was slighly bigger than a regular badger and more the size of a wolverine actually. Its fur color also was interesting as the black stripes filled out much for of the face and left little of the white. It was also capable to climb trees, even though badger claws aren't suitable for that sort of thing. Now, the fur colors are interesting because recently I have stumbled upon domesticated foxes. Thos foxes also developed different fur colorations due to the process of domestication. So, could be a domesticated badger, similar to how ferrets are domesticated polecats. In any case, I also told some redneck to piss off when he got too close to the badger. He obeyed. I also kind of thing that some polecat traits went into that badger, because he went up the tree to the top in a manner that reminded me of one. So, I could guess that also some genetic engineering went into that fella.
I assume all this is due to my work onf the Moirai Stories and Fatal Radiance as well as the RP I had with TrueCynder in which I played a badger as well (currentely Part 1 is done, so we have a break till Part 2)... after all that it was about time that I got that sort of dream. Kind of wish it would have been something with Aldric actually, but who knows... might be something I could turn into a story or at least character one day.

Well, else there isn't much to say. I have gone through Fallow Silver 2 this time and I guess I can upload it soon as well with Halloween getting ever closer.
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Things are getting better

Alright, I have been working a lot lately. Today I finished my last homework assignment and will let my brother and his wife go over it once they feel better. In the meantime I also had a lot of fun with TrueCynder on DeviantArt in Roleplays. And as a result of those roleplays I had to write down a lot about an additional topic from Fatal Radiance that I haven't discussed for far. I put it in the spoiler section. It also has context to the Moirai Stories, hence I am warning about that as well.

As for the writing itself, I have already finished Fallow Silver Part 2 and Fatal Radiance Chapter 6. For the first... I got only one short part with a "fight" in which Nathanael just showcases that powers are really scary if you got someone that can think about ways to use them. Basically a reason why the third part will have to step up a bit. As for Fatal Radiance chapter 6... I had fun with it. Which is obvious since despite university I managed to finish it after five days.

Otherwise, I am pretty much content. I will probably play a few videogames/computergames over the weekend as I have nothing to do. I also finished Undertale and boy the game is really amazing. Even though i had to play the game twice for the true ending, it was all worth it. Especially because every character is awesome. So much that even the minor characters that you encounter as monsters (since every character except the protagonist and the antagonist is a monster anyway) are interesting.

[Spoiler (click to open)]The Celestial Sovereigns:

The Celestial Sovereigns are the reincarnations of powerful souls from the time before the Old Ones existed. Due to their exposure to mighty forces during their lives their souls became as powerful as those of the highest deities of their time. They now reside outside the actual universe and observe it. In some cases however they may create avatars that interact with mortals of different worlds. Either out of interest or because they have nothing better to do. They are omnipotent and omniscient beings whose powers exceed that of mortal fantasies by far.

Yishai: (Appears as: Red Fox, Polar Fox, his old body)
The Sovereign that was born from the soul of a strong sorcerer. He views the Old Ones as failures as they did achieve high technological advances only to destroy the world they lived in. In his eyes only those are worthy that act with regard to the consequences of their actions. He may appear to mortals in order to make them realize the path they need to take. If they follow it is up to them.

Danica: (Appears as: Goat, her old body.) (
The Sovereign born from the soul of a powerful witch that took the powers of the former demon king and most of his minions to become a god-like being. While she is the ruler over the demons and thus one of the underworlds her demeanor is rather friendly and kind as she punishes demons that cause harm to mortals once they return to Hell. She is the most powerful of the rulers of the underworlds, but has little interest in controlling their worlds as well. Danica does occasionally interfere with mortals to punish sinners and help the innocent.

Asbjörn: (Appears as: Bear, his old body.)
The Sovereign born from a powerful man that gained the strength of a bear during his lifetime. Having exceeded the god that granted him this power due to a massive exposure of magic Asbjörn is the one who granted new life to the gods of the Old World in exchange. He is the lover of Danica and the one to enforce her punishment towards her subjects in the demon world. In addition he also observes the worlds in which sapient creatures are causing harm to the planet and may give a second chance for nature to arise again.

Miakoda: (Appears as: A white wolf, her old body.)
The Sovereign born from the loins of beauty and passion. She is a patron to the children and beasts in all the worlds and merciless to the souls that kill for nothing but pleasure. Usually she will appear on nights where a full moon shines from the sky and wield a bow that shoots arrows that either grant blessing or punish those that she deems unworthy.

Vadden: (Appears as: A lion with shining mane, his old body.)
The Sovereign born from the fruits of wisdom and hope. He used to be a man with immense mental powers and the powers of a lion. He is the patron of science and literature and blesses those that embrace wisdom and knowledge without abusing it. He appears on days of the brightest sun with a sword made from pure light that can cut through almost anything.
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Sprecken Sie English

Reference to the first Madagaskar movie, where Skipper speaks an awful German (many Americans tend to mispronounce the vowels and ch respectively) and asks if Marty can speak English. In any case, I have been writting a lot lately. A gift for a friend of mine, which I however will not publish on any side, and also a ton on Fatal Radiance and Fallow Silver. For the former I have have used Irish for one of Aldric's sentences when he asks something of Leofwine, which the otter is slightly insecure about (hence he talks about his conclusion in his own language, which is akin to Irish). I previously also let Vidar also use Norse curses, just for the heck of it. And the group split is also happening already, so I have the group heading north take a stop at a few places till they reach their destination, and I have considered to make a place called Sùil Cascade, which uses the Scottish word for Hope and the French for Waterfall. I had something in mind that might look like a settlement on a lake that is surrounded by a bunch of waterfalls and ties in to the lore of the world itself. And for a change it's more about love than war.
As for Fallow Silver, since Halloween will be soon it is rather fitting that I may be able to finish it for Halloween. I have Nathanael dress up as Dracula... and by that I mean Vlad Tepes Draculea, the Impaler and Son of the Dragon. Since Nathanael can use spells to change form, I am wondering if I should play with that a little bit, or if I should stick with the costume only. Speaking of which, I got Darina a witch costume with a working broom (the power of technology), and am still thinking what I should go with all the guys that already look like they fit right into a Halloween party.

It also appears that I may should use SoFurry a little bit more as well, while I keep my main focus on DeviantArt, till it should collapse that is, as I did already have some indicator that people read Fatal Radiance despite myself being relatively new to the place. So, I will see if I can make that worthwhile. I already have disabled most stuff I hate by tag block, which is a rather fortunate feature every webside that displays art and literature should have in my opinion. DeviantArt uses tags already, so they should really just do that as well and spare me from all the stuff I hate. Which is not too much in terms of themes, but a lot in terms of content available.
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The End of Summer

So, today the last Heat Wave over the country for this year has ended and I am glad to now have my window open and let cold air cool down my appartment after it got pretty hot in there. It's really nice actually since I went through Leipzig today to get a present for my sister next week (I will be away again... 6th to 9th). And to also get myself two sheets for my window and Windows Office for University. I have 4 years for it to be used and it is actually a pretty neat programm. And it will come in handy as I have only two more pages left to write for my homework assignment, to which I need to get a few things tomorrow. Mainly two lexica articles to just have a reference for the Severi Arch in Rome and about Trajan to say he is the Optimus Princeps and from Hispania... so little actually, I am almost finished with the actual work and then only need to sum everything up with a conclusion, which is basically the easiest part.
Edit: It took me 3 hours because I looked into the Brittanica, found nothing, and took an hour to find the Memoires of the American Academy in Rome to find an article in it, which contained all I needed to know. So... I am basically almost done.

And I am kind of thinking to make a sort of profile as a PDF-Dokument for Fatal Radiance. Not just for characters, but also for the world and lore. I currently had some fun with it as I finally delved into the "Old Ones". Not the most creative name, but it's straightforward. And I am also incorporating Lucille and Crawford a bit more, since I am close to the point when the story will take two paths. Otherwise it would be too many characters at once and way too much tease about some places that I really want to cover.
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Resting a little bit

Finally back from a six day trip to Teltow at Berlin I have found that... I really, really am an absolute extreme in terms of introvert personalities... I am rather drained from it, thus I have done what I planned to do today yesterday already to make myself some air. I really feel stiff and tired and could also eat a few things right now.

Lately I have been playing Fallout 2 a bit and... man, the tutorial level is harder than keeping a positive view on the world. I died a lot because I was neither good at sneaking nor fighting without ranged weapons. Ergo, it took my two hours to complete that part before I was able to get myself a gun and bullets, which make it partially easier, till you realize that even on easy you will die fast on lower levels. But it is still a fun experience. I can shoot in the eyes and lower body, so I am happilly inflicting pain before I aim at the head. With the violence intact (a little patch was needed for that) it was a really messy playhtrough so far. And I do hope to meet the two deathclaw companions you can get in that game. Because that is something they could really have had in Fallout 3 to be honest. Those deathclaws are genetically enhanced to be sapient, thus they actually are on par with humans... except that they also have deadly claws, a mouth to maul their enemies, and a skin that is acting like armor. Screw the humans I have to purchase stuff for. A funny thing is how they translated Chosen One to Chosen Being. It has it's charme actually. And no time limit, which is nice, since 500 days are soon over in such a game, like it was in the first game.

It also appears that my brother got a PS4, my sister will get an Xbox One, and I, I have a PC upgraded for now. Funny how that sometimes happens, but I guess recently we had a few nice games coming out at least so it is finally worth it.
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World Building in Fatal Radiance

Alright, having had a lot of time to work with my projects did give me a good amount of possibilities to consider the worlds in which they take place. The Moirai universe is completely planned through to it's sixth Arc and I do know the world as one that is like ours may be in 15 years, except that I accelerate it by the existence of the Moirai Corporation that develops technologies much more efficient than anyone else.
And the story deals with existing folklore and mythology as well as themes of our own time, so it is much easier for me to write and conceptualize with this project.

Fatal Radiance on the other hand is slightly different because of course it is not our own world. Even though it does reflect it in a time period that has long since passed for us. Even some mythologies seem similar to what has existed in our world. But there is something I have been pondering about for a while. In particular the reasons for the world in itself as I previously gave a clue what the history actually is.
[Seriously Massive Spoiler]Since I did mention that the world is the same as ours just in a potential future far from us, I have since been thinking what I should have as the only true Genesis of that world with it's inhabitants. And I do have a lot of ideas that do relate to the Moirai project itself, as Darina owns the technology that could make such a future reality, in case our own future would lie in peril. As seen in Fallow Silver even the CIA has seen a bit of use in having a print out for obedient slaves that don't require any dehumanization anymore. Make that a bigger thing and you have basically a lot of potential soldiers, workers, etc. Except of course... if they rebell. And this is where I find the Atlantean myth comes well into play, since a mirror of that could be a rebellion and then defense against the former masters. And I do have the idea of having that conflict end in favor of the new species that emerge to then have it play out a bit like the Platonic myth which has a decline of technology after the end of Atlantis. Just without any moral to it, since I am not a fan of philosophy. Of course... what would make it neccessary to do such a thing in the first place?

Also, since Thagirion has grown fond of Fear from inside out and also gave my some more insight on the emotion of fear, I did think about the one character that has to deal with being seen as a coward. It is however something I consider natural as he saw his own mother being beheaded, not to mention countless other villagers dying in a lot of horrible ways, and also other things that are just despicable to do.
I do hope however that I can manage to make a transition of him overcoming his past eventually and becoming more confident in himself. Cathal was way easier.
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A Paradise Lost

Recent changes in DeviantArt's have certainly let me to think that the website is driving itself off the cliff. So, just in case they don't survive by completely ruining their company after so many stupid changes that make people leave the site, I made a back up of all commissions I got, as well as backups for Fatal Radiance and the Moirai project. So those things will be there for me after that.

Now, Colonel-Motivation has made me realize that it may be better to use other websites instead as well. I do have the option of Furaffinity, since I do have an account, but it never went going which is why Fatal Radiance was made for DeviantArt after all despite my original decision to keep my furry stuff on a furry site. But since there is enough on DeviantArt especially for furries, I changed my mind about that. Weasyl may be a good choice in that regard as well.
But for anything non-furry I still need a good alternative. Livejournal certainly can help for that, even though I would prefer using a format with pages rather than a three foot long text all at once. So, maybe I can just put the file on instead. Or split it into a million parts. But, that is a limited outlet unfortunately, so I do still require something that can replace DeviantArt completely in case it should run itself out.

Ah, furthermore. I will be gone from Thursday to Saturday and may only return very late on Sunday. And next week I have to help my mother with moving in, so a few days are off from that. I really am annoyed, but at my mother's place I should at least be able to use my smartphone for internet. Unlike the wedding, where I am at a place in which the internet is akin to witchcraft. Also, I am without any means to cool down while a heat wave is going over the country... I am really pissed off, but I need my rest.
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